QRX Credit Repair Pricing

Below are the three different tiers of credit repair plans offered by QRX. Compare – Choose – Pay – Get Started.

All plans have slight difference stated on them and are all eligible to our Buyer Protection/Refund Policy if no difference’s or the slightest change in your credit in 10days maximum after payments.


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    How is my payment confirmed?

    Payments are confirmed manually with the help of our clients.

    Meaning, to fully confirm and begin your credit repair process, After payments made on our gateway on the website, copy out and send your transaction ID to and we would send you a confirmation immediately.

    Or rather still, ensure to include your contact email on the payment reference/notes on the gateway when prompted to.

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    How long does it take to confirm my payments?

    Confirming payments are done manually and could take up to 2 hours at most cases to confirm.

  3. 3
    How secured is my payment data?

    We use a 32 bit SS TLS secured payment encryption directly with paypal therefore your details are 100% hidden and are not stored neither are they recurred.

  4. 4
    How is refund processed if my credit couldnt be repaired?

    QRX Credit Repair Services is a gurranteed credit repair service but the truth remains that not all credit can ever be repaired.
    In making QRX a standout, we offer full refund to our clients if after maximum of 10days and no effects made so far or discovered beyond our repairs.

    Refunds are processed based on clients instructions with taxes and refund fees excluded.
    In most cases, could take up to 3 days to get fully refunded.



Service Pricing Table

  • BASIC PACKAGE Starter Plan
  • $275
  • Average Repair -
  • Clears Average/Least Reports
  • Credit Analysis
  • Changes In 43 days
  • Total Support
  • 100% Buyer Protection / Refund
  • PRO PACKAGE 3 Months Plan
  • $650
  • Full Credit Repair
  • Credit Report Analysis 
  • Total Support
  • Clear All Bad Reports In 3months
  • 100% Buyer Protection / Refund
  • GOLD PACKAGE Master Plan
  • $999
  • Full Credit Repair
  • Clears Everything
  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Boost Credit + Free Strategies.
  • Total Support
  • Changes In 3months +
  • 100% Buyer Protection / Refund

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